How to Install Fence Posts with Concrete

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FenceInstallationOrangeCounty	Concrete is used to stabilize a fence post and secure the whole structure. Concrete is especially needed if the location of the fence is in a sandy soil or in very soft, muddy soil. The main disadvantage of concrete is it traps water or moisture increasing the likelihood of rot and decreasing the lifespan of a post.

Before deciding what fence type you will be using and how many fence posts are going to be used, check with your local home owners association or fencing companies for guidelines for building a fence. Check your local utility for underground power lines. Have them mark the areas where underground lines are located. Lastly have your area surveyed to mark your boundaries.

7 Steps for Post Installation Using Concrete

  1. Prepare the fence posts by making sure it is made of durable lumber and rot resistant. It should be labeled as ground resistant.
  2. Dig the holes. The width of the hole should be consistent up to the bottom and not a cone-shaped hole.
  3. Add gravel. This will help in draining excess water and will keep the post dry. About 4-6 inches (10-15cm) into the hole and tamp it.
  4. Place the post into the hole and brace it with stakes. Do not pound the nails or braces all the way down because it might be hard to remove them later.Add more gravel to improve drainage.
  5. Mix the concrete and pour into the holes. Let the concrete cure for 1 day.
  6. Get a slope shape at the base of the post. This is to prevent water from pooling near the post or in the post.
  7. Apply sealant. Post and concrete will be affected by changing temperatures and will cause tiny openings. Prevent water from entering the base of the post by applying a sealant.

Fences are installed to provide privacy, protection and decorative purposes. Choosing the right type of fence will depend on your purpose, land area and of course your budget. Understanding your resources will help you decide when, what and how to install a fence.

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