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Fencing Installation Sussex County – How to Install Vinyl Fence?

Vinyl fencing comes in many designs and colors. They are very easy to install with low maintenance requirements. Vinyl Fencing withstands rain, sun and snow. Vinyl or PVC fencing have gained popularity over the years due to being lightweight, easy to maintain and quiet affordable compared to wood and other fencing materials. However, you need […]


When it comes to every do-it-yourself project on your property, proper planning and education can help you finish the job within the time frame and budget with a quality result. Fences are structures used to provide protection, safety, privacy and decorative purposes. There are several reasons why a property owner would install fences and these […]

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How to Install Fence Posts with Concrete

Concrete is used to stabilize a fence post and secure the whole structure. Concrete is especially needed if the location of the fence is in a sandy soil or in very soft, muddy soil. The main disadvantage of concrete is it traps water or moisture increasing the likelihood of rot and decreasing the lifespan of […]

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The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Garden Fences

Installing a garden fence is an attractive way to delineate areas of your property as well as to keep unwanted visitors away from your home. If you are considering installing garden fence panels, you may have a number of questions regarding the different types of materials, the maintenance they require and how they will wear […]

Pool Fence Design Ideas – Fencing Installation Sussex County

Pools can provide great fun and entertainment to families with young kids and teenagers. However tragic accidents have caused fear among property owners and code requirements. That is why pool fence have been created to provide safety and protection for families and property owners with small kids and pets. There are several swimming pool fence […]

How to Install Aluminum Fence – Fence Installation Orange County

Aluminum is a metal with low density and can resist corrosion. It has become a popular choice for residential and commercial fencing because it is lightweight and durable. Aluminum fences are now made with a lot of styles, sizes and shapes. It also comes with different colors. Property owners are now choosing aluminum fencing, not […]

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Fence Installation Orange County – Dog Kennel Fence Installation

Kennel fencing is typically chain link with a gate. Chain link is durable and easily capable of withstanding heavy dogs that may jump up with their paws on the fence. They can also be fully secured at the base preventing dogs or other animals to go underneath. Flooring for exterior kennels is frequently concrete. When […]

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Horse Fence Installation – Fencing Supplies in Sussex

The installation of a horse fence requires time, money, space and careful consideration of measurements, especially for the heights of the fences, corners and edges. Careful study of the steps and processes is a must for this fence installation project. Here are a few planning considerations before starting horse fence installation. Fence Height. Every type […]

Fence Installation Tips

As with any construction project, installing a fence requires a written plan in order to achieve quality and aesthetic results. There are a many sources of information about fence installation such as tips through online articles, videos, books, professional assistance, and of course, experience. As fencing suppliers in Sussex County, we help property owners in […]

Learning how to maintain wood fencing is vital to helping it last

Protecting Your Residential and Commercial Wood Fencing

Wood fences are an essential component for any home or business property. Not only do fences protect your lawn and yards – they also offer optimal security as well. From oak and elm to cedar, fence maintenance is essential in extending the life of the wood. This includes frequent cleaning, along with staining, which protects […]

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