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ranch fence installation

The installation of a horse fence requires time, money, space and careful consideration of measurements, especially for the heights of the fences, corners and edges. Careful study of the steps and processes is a must for this fence installation project.

ranch fence installation

Here are a few planning considerations before starting horse fence installation.

  • Fence Height. Every type of horse has different needs when it comes to fencing. Grazing areas are a little bit lower compared to exercise paddocks. Fences should be higher for horses that are trained to jump. On the bottom, the fence should start about 8 inches from the ground. Any lower and this will cause hooves to become entangled. If a bit higher than 8 inches, coyotes or small animals have access to the pen.
  • Corners and Edges. Rounded corners are encouraged to prevent a dominant horse from bullying a less dominant horse by trapping him in the corner. And this will allow better access for mowing.
  • Lanes and Roads. Fences should not be placed near roads for this will encourage grazing on the roadside.
  • Horses are intelligent creatures and tend to test the fences by trying to reach the other side. Smooth fences are greatly encouraged to prevent injuries.

Horse Fence Installation

5 Key Steps to Successful Horse Fence Construction

  1. Locate the area for your fence post. Mark it with paint or the actual post. After securing your main post, locate the area where you would set your intermediate post.
  2. Place the post 8 to 25 feet apart or depending with the instructions provided by the manufacturers.
  3. Braces for corners or End Post. Make sure that the posts are properly braced and secured sine it will endure a vast amount of pressure.
  4. Stringing the Wire. Always secure the wire to the posts in sections. In puling a fence tight, do it alternately from top to bottom. In this way the fencing wires are properly pulled. Be sure to remove any remaining sharp objects in the fence.
  5. Repeat all the process until its done.

It can be very hard and time consuming. That is why other property owners would prefer to call experts like our friendly customer fencing supplies in Sussex dedicates there selves to exceeding your expectations. Always remember to include fun to finish the job in a positive note.

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