Advantages of Vinyl Fencing

Tall luxury home fence installed around property

Vinyl fencing installed around open pasture & walkwayInstalling vinyl fencing around your backyard can be a great way of creating a private area for your family, blocking off your swimming pool or hiding unsightly areas or materials.  Vinyl privacy fences offer a number of advantages over other types of fencing.



Advantages of Vinyl Fencing

•    Vinyl lasts much longer and is more durable than wood.

•    It also doesn’t rust or decompose.

•    Vinyl remains looking great throughout the years and doesn’t require any painting or refinishing.

•    Cleaning vinyl privacy fences is easy—just use standard household cleaning products and then hose it down.

•    Vinyl boards have almost no space in between them, which means your privacy fence truly provides you with privacy.

•    Vinyl privacy fences are usually between four and six feet tall, allowing you to decide how much of your surroundings to block.

•    Vinyl material can withstand high winds due to its flexibility.

•    Different styles of vinyl fencing allows for customization to match the overall style of your home.

Overall, vinyl requires much less maintenance and lasts longer than wooden fencing.  This means that once you install your vinyl fence you won’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.  It will last for years without needing any repairs or major maintenance.

Tall luxury home fence installed around property

Where to Use Vinyl Fences?

Vinyl makes a perfect privacy fence, and it also works for other styles including: 

•    Alternating Picket: This style offers more space between pickets. Although it has less privacy, you will enjoy more of the view around your home.

•    Semi Private: Semi-private vinyl fencing helps define your property and keep pets and children in the yard while still letting you see your surroundings.

•    Picket Top: This type of privacy fence is solid up until the last foot or so when it’s replaced with decorative pickets.

•    Open Picket: these vinyl fences have even more space between the pickets than semi-private ones.

•    Lattice Top: decorative design at top of fence creates a designer look with lattice.

•    Scalloped Picket: another decorative fence design offering an elegant appearance to backyard fences.

•    Closed Picket: top rails on this fence enclose the pickets for a warm, elegant enclosure.

•    Ranch Rail: keep cattle and horses safe and secure with strong, durable ranch fencing made of vinyl.

Although more expensive than other types of fences, vinyl lasts longer and offers more long-lasting durability. In the long run, it’s often a better investment because you won’t spend as much in repairs as with other fencing options.

We installed home vinyl fence with gate posts.


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