Protecting Your Residential and Commercial Wood Fencing

Learning how to maintain wood fencing is vital to helping it last

Learning how to maintain wood fencing is vital to helping it lastWood fences are an essential component for any home or business property. Not only do fences protect your lawn and yards – they also offer optimal security as well.

From oak and elm to cedar, fence maintenance is essential in extending the life of the wood. This includes frequent cleaning, along with staining, which protects wood grains and prevents morphing.

With years of extensive industry experience, Fields Fence stain experts are committed to excellence in all jobs. From wood fences to decks and patios, we offer a range of staining and preservation services at cost-affordable rates. We also offer complimentary consultations, as well as networking with home insurance agencies to help owners save time and money.

Why Wood Fence Staining?

fence maintenance includes staining woodThere are several benefits of wood fence staining. These include but are not limited to:

  • Protecting wood grains and preventing morphing – Extending the life of your wooden fences with optimal care, maintenance and regular upkeep.
  • Prevention of rotting – high-quality and properly applied stains will help prevent water from seeping into your fence. This helps prevent rotting.
  • Limit UV damages – Direct sunlight can tarnish and strip the color from your wooden fences. This makes them look old and faded. Staining ensures that UV damages are limited and can keep your fences looking new for years to come.
  • Prevent Splitting – Water seeping into wooden fences can freeze. This causes a myriad of issues and problems. Stains will repel the water and prevent splitting from occurring.
  • Improve wood grain – Staining cedar fences help make the wood grains pop. This increases the visual appeal of your fences, and can even improve property value as well.
  • Increase longevity – Wooden fence staining increases the lifespan and longevity of your structure. It is important, however, to set up a staining schedule with local contractors like Fields Fence. This is simply the best way to protect your investment and make the most out of your fences.

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